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In Australia we went to Brisbin and we stayed  ther for one night,it was fun because we whacht tv all day.

We went to Bunderberg for two nights and there was big a pool and a big box of toys. When it was Camerons birthday he got to do what he wanted to do Cameron did this wach tv. When we left benderberg we were in a small car to get to the airaport and it took like an hour.

In Sidney we went to our cousins they had big  a pool aswal. We stayed there for five nights and they had a porch. We got to play x box and stay up late and we played air hockey and our cousins names where josh and anubal.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Why you should look after the environment

Why you should look after the environment
In my opinion, you should look after the amazing planet. If you don’t the children won’t be able to have no fun! This makes me sad because don’t put banana and orange peels in the compost.

I believe that if you don’t recycle the whole world will be a junkyard. Did you know people don’t put their rubbish in the rubbish bin? (It might be you.) warning don’t put rubbish on the ground.

For this reason, you shouldn’t leave rubbish in the community lakes and then we can’t go swimming and if it overflows then we can’t ride our motorbikes because if we ride it to much we will pollute the air.

In summary, don’t pollute anything because we might die and do you want that to happen.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Hunting for the invertebrates

Hunting for the invertebrates
My friends and I were in class listening to Lauren and Michelle. Then Lauren showed us were looking where Duck Creek came from. Duck Creek came from a tarn that’s a small pond on a mountain.

First: The teachers sorted us in groups there were 4 groups. The teachers were Miss Hinchliff, Marion, Jane, Katrina. Lauren and Michelle gave us a kick net and plastic containers with the kick net. You kick in front of it, that’s why it’s a kick net. With the plastic containers you put in the water then you take it out of the water.

In summary, me and my friends went to Duck Creek, we didn’t just look in the water we looked in the water weeds too.