Friday, 11 August 2017

Planting the Banksia Tree

Planting the Banksia tree
On Tuesday morning the kea class planted a Banksia tree on the East side of the field. We planted it because we wanted to increase the birds we have at Kokatahi Kowhitirangi school.

First, Daniel coleked a broken wheelbarrow and Dominic coleked a  shovel and Miss Hinchliff coleked a Banksia tree. Dominic dug a hole for the 95 cm Banksia tree. Lukas put it on slow-mow I was going to take a photo but it was slow-mow I pressed the red button it was funny.

Then, we planted a Banksia tree and that's the time slow-motion happened after we stepped around the Banksia tree after Morgan,Evannah and Billie watered the Banksia tree.

My favourite part was going to take a photo but it was on slow-motion.


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