Friday, 22 September 2017

Why you should look after the environment

Why you should look after the environment
In my opinion, you should look after the amazing planet. If you don’t the children won’t be able to have no fun! This makes me sad because don’t put banana and orange peels in the compost.

I believe that if you don’t recycle the whole world will be a junkyard. Did you know people don’t put their rubbish in the rubbish bin? (It might be you.) warning don’t put rubbish on the ground.

For this reason, you shouldn’t leave rubbish in the community lakes and then we can’t go swimming and if it overflows then we can’t ride our motorbikes because if we ride it to much we will pollute the air.

In summary, don’t pollute anything because we might die and do you want that to happen.


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