Thursday, 25 October 2018

Pet day

pet name
Goldie puppy boy

Pet Day Story
I went to pet day and saw cats,horses,dogs and sheep. Pet day was extremely hot and I almost threw up. Goldie was my pets name.I loved to play with him and I was allowed to pick him up when I was being jugged. We brought two more puppies called Bella and Lola. Lola is going to my Nanny's place to stay until she pass's away


  1. Hi there my name is Juvel
    And l am a student in room 13
    at May road school I really like the pet day like it But Why you called it a pet day?
    It made me think of why you. Talking about the pet day matthew?. Have you thought about look after your dog and feed him and Give the Water matthew and If you would like to see my mrsjuvelj

  2. I like your blog post do some more Just rember your full stops.

  3. Hi Matthew I really your writing about pet day it sounds fun.
    just put full stops in.

  4. HI Matthew good describing words. make sure you put full stops in next time .
    good work!

  5. Hi Matthew, I'm Hannah from Awahono School. I like your post because you have put lots of describing words like awesome. Next time you could add some colour because it doesn't look interesting or exiting to read. I like how you wrote a little story about pets day. We here at Awahono School also have pets day. From Hannah.

  6. hi Matthew my name is Tane i really like your writing maybe next time you could have a little more detail.awesome work Matthew.

  7. Hi Matthew it's Chris i Love your awesome describing words they are the best. Respectfully yours.


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